AD3 was founded in November 2014 by Jihad Kmail and Isra Sarsour. located in Ramallah, Albireh – Palestine. AD3 is providing architectural related services. the “A” letter of AD3 name comes from Architecture, while the “D” letter comes from three words that defines our Vision. (Design, Digital and Development).

Our Vision

To be one of the top international firms in the architecture industry that enhances spaces and places to make our life better.

Our Mission

To serve the architecture industry using the most recent technologies and tools. by providing high quality services in the digital and design fields. our mission extents our firm boundary into bringing the others on boards through intersecting collaboration.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values
  • Imagination.

We open our unlimited imagination to provide creative solutions that satisfy our clients’ demands and vision with new perspectives.  

  • Creativity.

Creativity is not just a word describing our mission. It is the starting point for every project, defining our approach to design and execution.

  • Sustainability.

We use our services to promote environment-friendly projects, as we believe that Earth deserves better. 

  • Collaboration.

We believe that teamwork can add more value to our project. Our collaboration extends to community experts and stakeholders. Collaboration for giving is no less than getting.

  • Technology.

We seek to apply high-end technologies as tools to enrich our lives through innovative services and projects.


Proud of our Clients