AD3 Galaxy

Our third D:…

AD3 Galaxy

AD3 Galaxy

Our third D: Development.

The Galaxy section is our next project. AD3 Galaxy mission is provide solutions for the main problem that faces the architectural firms nowadays. Many of the architectural offices has has a shortage in qualified skilled employees which affect their ability to provide high quality services. The first reason of this problem is that many of these firms cannot afford the salaries of the high skilled architects all around the year as their project are not consistent. also some times they get project that exceed their team capabilities. On the other side, its difficult to find the qualified architectural employees.

AD3 Galaxy meant to establish a network of young architects who are looking for freelance projects. the first mission is to enhance the capacity building of the Galaxy members through intense training in specific fields in architecture such as drafting, BIM modeling, 3D visualization and tender document production. The Galaxy members will be supervised by senior architects to assure the quality of their work. Then the Galaxy will approach the architectural firms to provide them with the on demand team to work on their projects. The Galaxy role goes behind connecting the qualified freelancers with the architectural firms into playing the quality assurance party between them.

AD3 Galaxy components.

  • Advance training.
  • Mentoring and supervision.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Connections and Networking.
  • Co-working space for young architects.
  • research and development.

AD3 Galaxy project is seeking investment to see the light. If you can built a brick with us, we would be happy for your letter at [email protected]

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